Wednesday, May 2, 2012

fun packaging

  • Art is any form of outcome from human activities. I would like to talk about the art of packaging in this entry. 
  • Art of packaging is one of the important element is ensuring the marketability of a product. Japan can be a good reference for companies who want to instil art into their product packaging.
  • For years, the Japanese has embrace the art of packaging. As a result it can be seen that products from Japan are well packaged and 'kawai' (cute).

  • In contrast, Malaysian packaging lean more towards formality. We can see that local companies prefer to choose the corporate look in their packaging. 
  • However recently I found some local products with fun packaging. High 5 bun is a good example to illustrate what i mean.
  • With the addition of some illustration, the packaging looks less formal and touches the fun side of the consumers. for me, it manages to make me smile. The keyboard here is grabbing attention and this is what this fun packaging has achieved. 
  • Kudos to the creative force behind this packaging. I hope more companies will follow the footsteps of High 5 and start to make our market more fun and less formal. 
  • Btw, im only talking about packaging per say. Im not sure about the product's quality. LOL. 

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